Lemon Yellow Tea Party Bridal Shower

Although this winter has been relatively mild for Michigan (okay, it’s pretty much been the sunniest/least snowy winter I ever remember), I am still starting to crave actual spring and summer – beautiful blooms, bright colors and outdoor entertaining!  This gorgeous shoot, styled as a bridal shower, just looks so lovely outdoors on the patio (and under a pergola!  I die) with real, live greenery in the background – what I wouldn’t give to be able to host something like this right now!  The soft yellow and white blooms, the mini bottles of lemonade for each guest, that swirly fabric runner, and of course just the lemon yellow theme in general have me really crushing on this shoot!  The shoot was styled by Design 2 Decor and I hope they sat down and had a post-shoot celebration because it would be a shame for no one to have enjoyed this beautiful set up!

Be sure to check out the recent feature on Celebrations at Home for more details and photos!

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4 Responses to Lemon Yellow Tea Party Bridal Shower

  1. HK says:

    Wow – if I had yours to do over again…! Are you and Mr. Lemon planning a vow renewal anytime in the future? You’d need another shower then, right? :)

  2. Sandra says:

    I have been crushing on this color lately also. Where are you in Michigan? I am in Saginaw.

  3. Uncle Tree says:

    WoW! You are good at this. Very good!
    A feast for the eyes and one’s taste buds.

    I wish you great success. Truly, UT :)

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