Mustachios on Parade: Let’s Get ‘Stached

I fell in love with mustaches several years ago when I first learned of the hockey “Playoff Beard.”  As long as a team is winning in the playoffs, its players will let their facial hair grow.  Later, I saw the mustache trend for party photo booths and jumped in head upper lip first.  My very next party had mustaches on hand for its New Year’s Eve photo booth.

But, I’d love to go all out with a full-on mustachio’d theme party:  Let’s Get ‘Stached.  To set the scene, I’d send out these invites along with press on mustaches:

Guests would drink out of glasses such as these:

We’d all watch a few episodes of Magnum P.I. with Mr. Mustache himself, Tom Selleck:

Awards would be passed out for the best mustaches, including categories of Real, Fake and Milk.  And then we’d take dozens of mustache photos in the photo booth!

For your own “Let’s Get ‘Stached” invite courtesy of This Nest is Best: Stache Invitation

Glasses from Modern Madness on Etsy.

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1 Response to Mustachios on Parade: Let’s Get ‘Stached

  1. slemon says:

    I love those invites! Maybe you could incorporate some Monopoly decor as part of the party?! The monocle on the invite instantly made me think Monopoly guy. :-)

    Also, the ‘stache + the word Debauchery (for some reason) just equals Dirk Dastardly for me… maybe just a few too many Hanna Barbara cartoons as a kid!

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