Entertaining Basics: Ditch the Disposable

Although I’m not perfect, I try to incorporate “green” living into my life as much as possible.  For entertaining, this has led me away from using disposable plates and cups and towards purchasing my own items that can be used party after party.  Yes, there is an initial investment.  But once you own the items, you never have to hunt for that perfect shade of pink fushia magenta dessert plates again.

I’ve found that Cost Plus World Market has great options that fit my reusable criteria:

Must #1: Buy white!  Sounds logical, but it’s easy to be swayed by cute holiday themes or bright colors.  White can be used for nearly any party and looks timeless.

Cost Plus World Market sells white porcelain salad and dinner plates for $19.99 and $24.99, although I’ve often seen them in their sale ads for less.

Must #2: Purchase items that come in their own storage containers or buy storage containers for them.  Since the whole idea is to use these items for parties, you will probably want to put them in some sort of storage unless you have massive amounts of free cupboard space (if you do, I would like to know your secret).

Cost Plus World Market has a line of entertaining glasses sold for $24.99 for 12 that come in heavy duty cardboard boxes, perfect for storage.  Glass options include wine, champagne, goblets, double old fashioneds, and highballs.

Must #3: Dishwasher safe!  ‘Nuff said.

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