Bonfire Dessert Table

I love having friends over for a casual dinner to catch up on life.  In the summer we try to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible since it’s cold much of the year (unfortunately, aside from watching hockey, winter sports and I don’t mix!).  After grilling out, we often have a bonfire in our fire pit, so I created a Memorial Day dessert table specifically for this type of night.  (Recognize those “vases“?!?)

S’mores, Swedish Fish, Cokes and popcorn are a great mini-buffet for a few friends to enjoy inhale during the night!

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4 Responses to Bonfire Dessert Table

  1. Julie says:

    I LOVE your table layout. Super cute and perfect for a summer bbq party!

  2. LGani says:

    Love the vases! So creative….who is your supplier?

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