Entertaining Basics: Signature Cocktail & Bar

Though I throw a lot of different types of parties, whenever hosting a party for adults, I insist on having a Signature Cocktail to coordinate with the theme.  A cocktail that matches the event colors is complete with a fun new title such as a Pink Tutu martini for a gathering before the ballet.

Of course, you should have sodas, water, beer or wine, and standard spirits in addition to the mixings for your signature cocktail to appease a large and diverse crowd.  If you have a smaller group whose tastes you are more familiar with, feel free to add and subtract beverages as appropriate.

For your bar, make sure to lay everything out with plenty of glasses, napkins and ingredients so you’re not stuck re-stocking all night.  If your signature drink can be made in batches, a pitcher or punch bowl full and ready for the party is a great way to go.  Sometimes I choose not to pre-make them if I’m not sure the group will drink a lot of cocktails or if the recipe just doesn’t lend well to being pre-made.  In that case, I’ll lay out the mixings with a recipe card.

Sometimes, your cocktail needs to be ready for traveling!  Last summer, I brought these lemon-mint cocktails to a picnic concert but since I don’t own a drink cooler, I simply bottled them in a few mason jars – worked wonderfully en route and doubled as glasses!  The lids were quite convenient as well.

What do you like you serve at your events?

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