Yesterday I picked up a package at USPS, which is always fun, but even more exciting on this instance because I’d won a photo from Sidewalk Ready, a fashion blog I follow.  The writer of the blog (Kayley) and her husband (Kai) are professional photographers.  So, after traveling to Africa and California, she decided to do a giveaway of Kai’s photos to five lucky readers.  And I WON!  Completely amazing.

First, here’s a picture of Kayley.  Totally cute, right?

And heeeere’s the photo I chose, from California:

I know my photo-of-the-photo looks like there is a giant flash from *my* camera, but it’s actually the light streaming in through the trees.  This picture doesn’t do the photo any sort of justice in how gorgeous it is and I cannot wait to get it framed and on our wall!

Want to know something even more fabulous?  This is the same guy who took our wedding photos.  Yes, they are this amazing.  Best wedding money we spent.  Here’s our “wedding shrine” (as Mr. Lemon calls it):

Have you won anything from a blog?

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