Woman’s Right to Shoes (Lace & Blue)

I’m starting a new segment for Fridays based on my loooove of shoes (and fashion).  Hope you enjoy!

The lace pumps featured here are simply gorgeous and would glam up any outfit, from a dress to jeans.  Simple shift dresses are one of my wardrobe favorites and this dress in blue really stands out with the simple lines and side tie.  I wanted to have a little pop of color with the bracelet and nail polish, just for something fun.  The earrings and clutch were kept neutral, but have detailing for extra interest.

Happy Friday!

A Woman's Right to Shoes (Lace & Blue)

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2 Responses to Woman’s Right to Shoes (Lace & Blue)

  1. Amber says:

    I love love LOVE those shoes. So cute!

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