Fourth of July Re-cap: A Pirate’s Life for Me!

Our Fourth of July was celebrated in my hometown with the families of some of our closest friends.  We all have interesting families, but this particular family believes they are pirates…born two hundred years too late.  They wear authentic looking pirate clothes, fire cannons and have built a ship float.  In all seriousness, they use their pirate hobby for a lot of good and have created the Lakeshore Parrothead Club, a non-profit group benefiting many causes, but often focusing on research for Alzheimer’s.

All of this to explain why pirates are eating Peanut Butter Delight in the below photo collage!  I got a bit crafty for this party and made an American flag inspired backdrop as well as a pinata!  A lot of fun on both projects and I learned some things for next time around.  Note:  when making a pinata, give yourself more than one day’s time!  Newspaper takes a long time to dry!

I hope everyone had as wonderful of a holiday as Mr. Lemon and I did!

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