Frugal Finds: Reusing Tin Cans

Anytime I can get another use out of an item I have planned to recycle/throw away/donate, it gets me a bit giddy inside.  Since I already have the item, it’s free!  And since I was going to get rid of it anyhow, it’s technically “trash” too.  I seem to accumulate a plethora of tin cans.  Luckily, these items get recycled in our area, but I would much rather get at least one more use out of them before tossing them into the recycle bin…or even create something that I’ll want to keep long beyond next Tuesday’s pick up.

Planters:  Tin cans can make a great planter for herbs or small plants and can even be turned into favors at a party, as One Charming Party did here, with strawberry plants.

Luminaries:  You know how I feel about lighting up a backyard and tin can luminaries would be inexpensive and could give off an industrial or rustic vibe, depending on how you decorate them.

Photo by Scott Phillips

Vases:  Painted, covered in paper, or left plain, tin cans make simple and uniform vases!  Especially when you need a lot of vases that you may not use again, they would come in handy.

Photo: Antonis Achilleos via Rachael Ray Mag

Caddy:  This tin can caddy from Martha Stewart would be great in a craft room, office, kitchen, or even at home on a dessert table holding cake pops, candy canes, or licorice.

Party Carry-All:  I absolutely adore these party carry-alls from Sweet Paul Magazine.  Cute packaging (which can be easily customized to your event or decor with coordinating scrapbook paper) and super handy (who hasn’t juggled their drink, plate, silverware and napkin at a BBQ?!?).  Love!

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  1. I’ll be looking to your future updates, top notch work here.

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