Home Goods Roadtrip

When I started reading event planning blogs, people were constantly referencing a mystery store called Home Goods, which I had never heard of.  Mr. Lemon and I happened to stumble upon one in the Detroit area just after Christmas (whilst on an Ikea run!) and I immediately fell HARD in love.  I mean loooove.  If you are also unfamiliar with Home Goods, it is similar to a TJ Maxx or Marshall’s, but only has the home items, no clothing.  Most things are super crush-worthy and have great prices!  Anyhow, just a few days ago, I realized there is a Home Goods only an hour from my house, which I happened to be passing yesterday.  I couldn’t help myself.  I stopped.  I photographed.  I crushed.  And now you can, too!

First stop:  The lamp aisle.  I adore dining rooms with a long buffet/console table with two matching lamps on either end.  Simple, classic and elegant.  However, two matching lamps can reaaally add up so scoring them at a great price is an obvious win-win.

These white beauties were $70 each.  The bases were made of alphabet letters.  For an English major such as myself, this was an instant *swoon* moment!

These next two were very chic and a bit glamorous, each priced at $60.  They would add a lot of drama to any dining room.

For only $50 apiece, I was trying desperately to convince my friend to pick up the next pair (to be set upon a console table you’ll see in a minute…).  I adore mercury glass finishes – they seem both traditional and modern at the same time.

This little stool would be great as a small side table or extra seating for $60.  The white leather feels feminine, but the studs toughen it up.  It’s a slightly heartier take on the very popular Moroccan pouf.

This console table was the other half of the dining room equation I wanted my friend to pick up.  For $129, it was a very well built and stylish piece.

This whimsical planter would be so perfect for an herb garden on your deck or snack holder for a garden party.  It was hard to leave it behind for $40, but since our backyard is still in progress, I hate to get ahead of myself!

And then there were the serving pieces!  Row upon row of glass, white and colorful pieces, most of which ranged from $15 – $30.  Great staple pieces for good prices.

You know I love white serving pieces!

Loads of apothecary jars!  These can be purchased for similar prices at Michaels, JoAnn’s, or Hobby Lobby IF you use a 40% off coupon.

And look!  It’s as though Home Goods were calling my name!

They also have discounted gourmet foods and drinks – these drinks were especially appealing because you could keep and re-use the containers after the drink was gone.  For only $4, I think that is about the same price that I bought my empty bottles!

What stores do you like to frequent for good deals?

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4 Responses to Home Goods Roadtrip

  1. shyllinski says:

    I have a Homegoods 5 minutes from my house, right next to the grocery store. My grocery shopping has been taking me a lot longer these days, ;)

  2. Brooke says:

    I love Home Goods. I found it here in Chicago and needless to say I often find a reason to go. The problem now is I need a bigger home for my Home Goods addiction! Love your blog Rebecca. Great ideas!

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