Home Decor: Master Bedroom

Two years ago, I tackled updating our master bedroom in our cozy Cape Cod style home.  I’ve been searching ever since for a white lingerie chest (not so much for holding my undergarments…it’s really just what they call a tall, narrow dresser) to fit on one specific wall.  And last week we found a perfect one at my favorite antique spot!  So, I thought you could all share in my excitement, too!

Here is our wall before the new dresser.  My jewelry armoire sat there, but it didn’t fit the wall very well and didn’t give us any clothing storage (yes, that saying was on our wall well before the blog started!).

And here is the wall with the new dresser!  I feel like it fills up the wall better and will also give us some (much needed) extra drawer storage (Mr. Lemon and I both appreciate lots of options when it comes to what to wear).

Now, I do have to determine where to put the jewelry armoire, but that’s something I’ll just have to figure out!  While we’re at it, I thought you might want to see the rest of our master bedroom…

Since we have very slanted ceilings, we painted the walls and the ceilings the same color to make the space feel more open and bigger.  And even though we have older, plaster walls with loads of imperfections, I still used an eggshell finish paint to give it a bit of shine (again, I think this makes the space feel bigger).  I love the dove gray color – when I wake up it feels very cozy and soothing.  And I’m not a morning person, so anything helps!

Obviously, in a room with such slanted ceilings and fairly minimal wall space, your standard bedroom set wouldn’t have fit.  Which was fine with me anyhow because I kind of prefer the more “put together over a number of years” look…even if they happen to have been bought at the same time.  The matching dressers (from Target) were perfect here, however, so that we could each have our own space and I also think the symmetry helps the space seem more open (kind of a running theme in the room!) since your eye grazes along them instead of being interrupted with different pieces.

This is the pillow that really started the decor theme.  I saw it in Target one day and stopped dead in my tracks.  “I want to re-do our bedroom based on this pillow!”  Mr. Lemon, bless him, did not think this was crazy and just said, “Well, then do it.”  As I was looking through my many (many, many) magazine swipes later that week, I realized that I had torn out a bedroom from a Good Housekeeping magazine with this exact same pillow months before.  And so I carried those magazine swipe with me everywhere for quite awhile!

I’d still like to add some window treatments (sheer white panels, maybe?) and a rug (gray and white?  brown and white? gray, white, brown and teal if the decor gods smile down on me?), but I’m not in any rush.  Right now, I’m just happy to have this new piece!

And now a gratuitous cat photo to send you on the rest of your day…

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2 Responses to Home Decor: Master Bedroom

  1. Amber says:

    What a gorgeous bedroom. I’m so jealous! I think our bedroom is one of the next projects for us. We’re finishing our guest room now, just in the nick of time since I have a girlfriend coming to stay with us on Tuesday!

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