Yellow and Aqua Outdoor Dining

Mr. Lemon said he’d cook dinner on Sunday if I created a tablescape.  Sounded like a pretty good deal to me :)  So like the last time we entertained outdoors, I used things from around the house to make an everyday dinner feel much more special.  Again, a bunch of lemons crept into the design and Mr. Lemon challenged me not to have any lemons at the table next time…which I guess means he can’t be there…and neither can I, for that matter!  However, the only item used in both table settings were the gold crystals.   But, whichever way you slice it (get it?  lemons?  slice?  hehehe), I think he’s giving his blessing to hope over to Home Goods for some new non-lemon items!

And what did he make?  Pork chops with mango salsa and rice :)  YUM!  I think I could definitely make this a weekly tradition!

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