Ready for Fall? Pantone’s Fall 2011 Color Report

I’m still happily enjoying summer, but I will admit that fall is actually  my favorite season.  The changing colors, brisk weather, and comfort foods are just some of the things I look forward to all year long.  Even though the Pantone 2011 Fall Color Report has been out for awhile, I’m just finally starting to look at it!  And, I’m really loving these shades!  Deep Teal, Phlox and Cedar are the colors I gravitate towards instantly for their rich tones, but I’m also loving the more neutral shades of Nougat and Quarry.  And the bright punches of Bamboo and Honeysuckle would be fun to add to an outfit, room decor or party scheme.

I’m already planning to use Phlox, Cedar and Nougat for an upcoming party!  All in all, I’m definitely looking forward to referencing this report when looking for a new color to use!



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