School Theme Wedding

Tomorrow is my first “first day back to school” in seven years.  I’ll be taking an art class titled “Two Dimensional Design Principles” and since I haven’t been in an art class since junior high, I’m definitely feeling a bit nervous!  But, I know this is a great step for me, so I’m very excited as well!

Since I have back to school on my brain (and I know many others do as well!), I remembered this school theme wedding featured in Martha Stewart Wedding magazine several years ago.  I think I ran across it while planning for my own wedding and loved the quaint features displayed and the unique but personal theme (the bride and groom met in grade school!).  They just went for it and it totally worked!

Photography by Meg Smith

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2 Responses to School Theme Wedding

  1. HK says:

    Good luck with your class tomorrow and (especially) have fun!! I think it’s great that you’ve set your sites and are making it happen.

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