Halloween Snacks

Happy Halloween!  Today’s the day, but there is still time for some last minute homemade Halloween treats!  Here are some of my favorites…

Mummy dogs!

This Halloween snack mix looks easy to make and DELICIOUS!

Love this cake pop monster cake!

Three ingredient ghost cookies!

Something a little healthier…orange fruit cups made to look like jack-o-lanterns!


Caramel apples are a favorite of mine so this dip looks fantastic!

Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!





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3 Responses to Halloween Snacks

  1. HK says:

    What cute ideas! And timely – I made Lily a orange jack o’lantern fruit cup for lunch and she loved it. Thanks!

  2. slemon says:

    Those were all awesome, but I have to say, I think the Mummy Dogs are the winner!

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