Crushworthy: Glitter

I helped plan a birthday party this past weekend (pictures soon!) where glittered metallics were a big part of the decor and I loved every second of it!  It truly made me realize that there is definitely not nearly enough glitter in my life and I think I need to fix that…stat!

I have this Only Gold for Me Sephora OPI glitter nailpolish and I luuuurve it.  I wear it on it’s own or layered over a solid color.  Sometimes I give the glitter a gradient effect so it gets more concentrated near the tip of my nail.  Even though it has a tendency to peel off fairly quickly on me, I would still recommend it!

I’ve been in love with Tom’s shoes for quite some time, but their glitter line has me over the moon!  How cute are these pink glitter shoes?  This might finally push me over the edge to get a pair!

Speaking of shoes, these may very well be the most beautiful glitter shoes I’ve ever seen!  Leave it to Kate Spade to pour on the perfect amount of decadence!

Oh my heavens have you ever seen a cuter glitter animal than this one from Wish Daisy?  Of course I’m thinking I could try to DIY something similar with a great Goodwill find, but what fantastic inspiration!

These champagne cake pops are a particular favorite of mine and make me want to throw a pink champagne party for NYE next year (you can never start planning too soon!).  Sweetapolita clearly knows how to make a delicious looking dessert!

Okay, so it seems my glitter love is currently revolving around pink tones…but with Valentine’s Day up ahead, who can blame me?!

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