{Pin}spiration: Kentucky Derby Party

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A few years ago, Mr. Lemon and I actually attended the Kentucky Derby.  We had a lot of fun seeing everything up close and personal, but I must admit that I actually enjoy watching the entire event from home even more.  I love listening to the inspiring stories of trainers, owners and jockeys all day before the race and choosing who I want to win based on these stories…and which horse I think is the prettiest.  We’ve always wanted to host a viewing party and for one reason or another, it’s never quite happened.  Unfortunately, still no viewing party this year (I seriously need to put it on my calendar for next year right now!), but I put together some ideas for a casual get together to watch the Greatest Two Minutes in Sports!

– Kentucky Derby tradition practically requires that guests drink Mint Juleps, but there’s not reason you can’t have a little fun with it and serve them strawberry flavored instead!  The same goes for the Derby Pie – why not serve it up as a bar for ease of eating?  I also love how the currently popular rose cakes works just perfectly for the Run for the Roses!

– No Derby party would be complete without some outrageous hats!  I wore a large hat when we attended, but I do wish I had gone much, much more extreme!  Encourage guests to get into their outfits by offering a prize for best dressed man and woman – perhaps the winner could receive a set of commemorative Mint Julep glasses?  Or a bottle of bourbon!

– And there’s no need to be stuffy about the whole affair!  I love a bit of tongue in check for my parties…so why not serve some Kentucky Fried Chicken?  Or use the buckets in your decor!

– If you have a gambling crowd, make sure they can bet on their horse of choice!  Even if you don’t, betting in an unofficial capacity can be a lot of fun to get everyone involved in the race itself.  Have guests choose their horse of choice before the last strains of “My Old Kentucky Home”!

KFC Favor Bucket | Pink Hat | Rose Cake | Outfits | Derby Pie Bars | Classic Mint Julep | Strawberry Mint Julep

Don’t forget to enter the Blogiversary Giveaway!

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