Entertaining Basics: Invitation Options

In our modern world, invitation options seemed to have grown immensely!  Not only are there amazing vendors and options for a hard copy, mailed invitation, but you can now send an e-vite (through email or Facebook), call everyone, or even just shoot out a mass text message.  Depending on what type of shindig you’re hosting, each of these options could be the perfect choice.

Mass call or text…
This is honestly an option I would only use for a very informal and last minute gathering.  This isn’t a method that most people would want to use for a more formal event or something that is further out on the books.  It can be a great way to give people a casual “save the date” for an event coming up in the future, followed up by another method of invitation.  But don’t get me wrong, for a last minute get together to watch the game or season premiere, this method is perfect to get the word out quickly!

Invitations for events through email e-vites or even through Facebook are very easy to send and track and can be personalized to fit many events.  This makes them a great option for more casual events, events on a short timeline or any event where you’d like to save time, money or be a bit more eco-conscious.  Free e-vite templates are easy to find online, but my more recent find for trendy, free and ad free e-vites is cocodot.  The cards can be purchased hard copy or used for free as an e-vite!

Beautiful e-vite from DKNY for cocodot

Hard-copy, mailed invitation…
If you’re having a wedding, this is mostly likely the type of invitation you’ll use, but hard copy invitations are fantastic for any shower, birthday party or even cocktail hour where you want to make a statement right away.  They are the most formal option, but can still be used for more casual events.  The best part is that they set the tone and theme of your event early on.  While some people choose to handmake their invitations, if that’s not your style (or talent), there are so many amazing vendors online that you should be able to find just what you’re looking for!  Etsy is a favorite of mine when searching for invitations – even if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, it’s easy to find a designer who can custom create an invite to match your event.

Invitation available on Etsy from Stellar Designs Pro

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