Strawberry Birthday Party

I am so happy to share this Strawberry themed birthday party I recently designed for two sisters!  They were born two years and two days apart, so a joint birthday party made sense and was double the fun ;)  Once I showed their mom, Nicole, my ideas, she fell in love with the theme!



For the Strawberry theme, we really focused on a color scheme of pink and red with hints of green and pale blue and used polka dots and a bit of gingham for prints.  I love how these colors and prints made the party feel feminine and youthful.  I started by designing the invitation to set the tone with pink polka dots and, of course, strawberries!

From there, the focus turned to the dessert table!  I happened to run across strawberry printed wrapping paper and cupcake liners in the dollar bin at JoAnn’s, so of course I had to snag them!  Wrapping paper was used as a “tablecloth” on both of the tables.  After purchasing a flat of strawberries from the farmer’s market, I realized the flat box would create the perfect riser to set the pair of pink cakes on!  I added a sheet of foam core to create a solid top.  The two pale pink cakes were decorated with personalized buntings with the names and ages of each of the girls.  Apothecary jars held pink marshmallows, red cherry sours, pink wafer cookies and red licorice.  Sugar cookies were half iced with pink icing, mini trifle dishes held individual portions of strawberry shortcakes and cupcakes were topped with a strawberry to round out the sweets.  The backdrop consisted of my DIY chalkboard with  more bunting and pom ribbon garlands.

The drink station was also covered in strawberry wrapping paper and I found another strawberry flat box in my dad’s garage!  The graphics on the boxes were just too cute to pass up. Up-cycled frappuccino bottles were used for glasses, complete with personalized 2″ rounds and red stripey straws with flags.  Drink options included strawberry lemonade (of course!) and water.  This backdrop was created by wrapping a large canvas in pink polka dot fabric and creating a bunting out of strawberry coasters and ribbon.  Nicole found these coasters in the clearance section of the dollar bins at Target!  I had originally intended to use this backdrop for the dessert table, but the pink cakes with pink bunting in front of a pink backdrop was a bit of a wash-out, so a last minute switch was in order!

For the table, we put out bouquets of fresh flowers in painted Mason jars and surrounded them in more strawberry coasters.  I simply LOVE how these Mason jars turned out and they were so easy to do!  My last jar painting project used spray paint on the outside of the jars (for the You are my Sunshine Shower centerpieces), but these Mason jars were painted from the inside, leaving the glass on the outside intact to maintain a high gloss finish.  If I make any more, I will definitely post a tutorial!

I loved working on this party and sharing in the girls’ celebration!

Pink Polka Dot Fabric, Strawberry Wrapping Paper & Cupcake Liners – JoAnn’s
Strawberry Coasters – Target
Red Stripey Straws – Pink Lemonade Party
Ruffle Cake Stands & Mini Trifle Dishes – Pier 1
Strawberry Printables – This Nest is Best

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6 Responses to Strawberry Birthday Party

  1. Kimberly says:

    Love it! Love the colors, the playfulness of the dots and gingham, the poms, and the strawberry boxes!

  2. What a party! It looks so beautiful!

  3. Jan says:

    After looking at those pictures, it’s really tempting to run out and buy every cake i spot lol.

    Love the blog.

    Jan @door251

  4. Kayleigh says:

    Sweet lord I love this. So glad we are YHL-induced Instagram buddies now – I expect a sparkly adornment for my left ring finger soon, and I know exactly who’s going to help me plan my wedding….


  5. Lynn says:

    Ahhhh…these delicious strawberry desserts look so enticing right now. Especially as we wait out the final arrival of spring in Michigan! Thanks for sharing this adorable birthday party.

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