Blog Book Tour Stop & Book Giveaway!

***This giveaway is closed.  Check here to see if you’ve won!***

I am thrilled to be part of the Blog Book Tour for the second book by Courtney Whitmore of Pizzazzerie!  Candy Making for Kids (available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble) is the follow up book to Push-Up Pops and already looks like it will be just as successful!

As the title suggests, Candy Making for Kids features kid-friendly candy recipes.  The recipes in this book could be used for a party activity, an afternoon of goodie making for holiday gift baskets (there’s a whole chapter of holiday candies!), or just something to do on a rainy Saturday!  Anyone who has kids, knows kids or was a kid should have this book ;)  As an added bonus, if you purchase the book, Courtney will even send you a signed bookplate to put on the inside cover!  Simply email her at with “Book Signature” in the subject line, tell her who to make the greeting out to, where to send it and a proof of purchase and she’ll mail you a signed bookplate!

But guess what?  We’re giving a copy of the book away!  Just leave a comment with your favorite type of candy and one lucky reader will be sent a book!

Giveaway ends August 15th at 11:59pm.  Winner will be drawn August 16th.

Photo Credits – Zac Williams
Book Author – Courtney Whitmore

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18 Responses to Blog Book Tour Stop & Book Giveaway!

  1. Sarah says:

    Toffee is my favorite candy, I would love a free copy of this book!

  2. Oh my I worked at a candy shop for 5 year so its pretty hard to pick a favorite…probably chocolate peanut butter fudge or peanut butter covered rice krispie treats.

  3. Rebel burkinshaw says:

    My fav candy would be the rock candy swizzle sticks

  4. Stephanie says:

    I love sour candy!

  5. Jocelyn says:

    Carmel!! I love a payday candy bar. Yum!Yum!

  6. Just ONE?!?! Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are, bar none, one of humankind’s greatest achievements. Seriously, how do they get THAT much authentic flavor into a bite that SIZE??? (Probably Oompa-Loompas, but no one’s talkin’.)

  7. Vivian Kerr says:

    Love Kit Kats!!!

  8. craig chasteen says:

    I love pop rocks!!

  9. Kaitlin Boles says:

    Let’s see hmm.. Definitely Hersheys, Snickers, Skors, Heath Bars, and M&M’s peanuts!

  10. Deb Andre says:

    Turtles…ahhhh, a perfect combination of carmel, chocolate, and nuts!

  11. says:

    Sooooo cute! God know we loooove candy in our house- favorites are gummies or all sorts! I love the pretzel dipping idea for little helpers :).

  12. Nicole Dawes says:

    Yummy! I think I might get this book even if I don’t win it. What fun ideas!

  13. Mary Irizarry says:

    I love anything choclate!! Kisses, M&M’s are my favorites!

  14. Courtney says:

    Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Red Vines!

  15. Pick a favorite? Not sure that’s possible! But, I’ll go with anything that includes chocolate!

  16. Janet says:

    Has to be kitkats!!

    Jan @ door251

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