20/20 Tablescape – Modern Halloween

While discussing ideas for new and original blog material, one of my friends came up with the idea of creating 20/20 Tablescapes – tablescapes that cost around $20, can be put together in 20 minutes and with all of the elements purchased from one location.  We see so many beautiful and often very elaborate tablescapes in blogland that aren’t necessarily realistic to create on a regular basis (major kudos to anyone who might be!) but these are tablescapes that you can create quickly, relatively inexpensively and with just one store!

This 20/20 Tablescape started with a glittered skull in lime green from the Target Dollar Spot – not necessarily a traditional Halloween color, but it made for a modern take!  I added wrapping paper, spooky fabric, a scalloped plate, striped napkins, bat stir sticks, M&Ms, a lime and VOILA!  Halloween goes modern…

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3 Responses to 20/20 Tablescape – Modern Halloween

  1. Sandra says:

    I like this idea. Thrift and dollar stores are my best friends when it comes to my tablescapes. I too have seen some stunning over the top tables in blogland and wonder how can they do it. That green glittery skull is a must have and I hope Target has some left.

  2. Teresa says:

    Very cute!! And I love that you came up with the 20/20 idea… I will be following!!

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