20/20 Tablescape – Woodsy Christmas

It should come as no surprise that I’m currently lusting over gold and woodsy Christmas themes, so I combined them for this month’s 20/20 Tablescape.  Now, the self-imposed rules of the 20/20 Tablescape are to create a tablescape for around $20, in 20 minutes, with all of the elements having been purchased from one store.  Well, there’s no easy way for me to say this, Occasional Reader, but I kind of failed.  I used three stores, around $30 and, because I decorated a mini-tree, it took longer than 20 minutes.  Yup, blogger fail.  But, I feel like I can justify it because the mini-tree is something that will serve as full season holiday decor and is not just for the tablescape.  Maybe?  No?  Damn.

Anywho…I picked up plaid wrapping paper, river rocks and small ceramic pots on a recent trip to Ikea (yup, the same day I met Sherry and John from Young House Love).  Then I grabbed the mini-tree from Lowe’s and the paper white bulbs and gold ornaments came from a local gardening center, Flower Land.  In theory the flower bulbs and tree should be available from one location, but in my case theory and reality did not overlap.  I also used some staples from my collection – kraft paper (which I buy from the paint department at Lowe’s), gold chargers, green napkins, barware, and a collection of ribbons.

I love how the kraft paper + two rows of plaid wrapping paper runners gave the table itself a plaid vibe…

Woodsy Christmas Tablescape | This Nest is BestThen I added the gold chargers, white plates and the river rock + bulb + pot combination.  The paper white bulbs are the perfect take home gift – and shouldn’t all holiday parties have a take home gift?

Woodsy Christmas Tablescape | This Nest is BestThe placesettings needed more color so I added green napkins under the pots.  As for a centerpiece, I created a mini-bar.  Food and drinks will be on the table anyhow, so using them as a centerpiece can be a win-win (full disclosure – Mr. Lemon did not like this idea!).

Woodsy Christmas Tablescape | This Nest is BestBut how can you not love a mini faux bois bar…with glitter?!

Woodsy Christmas Tablescape | This Nest is BestAnd for the piece de resistance, a Charles Brown-sized Christmas tree!  For tree decor, ribbons were used as garland and knotted on branches, and gold and mini-present ornaments were attached.  Just raid the craft closet (or amoire!), holiday decor and gift wrapping supplies for items to work on a small tree .

Woodsy Christmas Tablescape | This Nest is BestWoodsy Christmas Tablescape | This Nest is BestWoodsy Christmas Tablescape | This Nest is BestWoodsy Christmas Tablescape | This Nest is Best




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1 Response to 20/20 Tablescape – Woodsy Christmas

  1. Teresa says:

    I’m a little late on this post, but I love the tablescape. We didn’t do tablescapes this year – but when we were discussing it we totally had kraft paper on the list!! I’m going to have to go back and check out your other 20/20 tablescapes!

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