Speakeasy NYE Party

For our annual New Year’s Eve party this year, Mr. Lemon and I decided on a Speakeasy party.  This theme has been popular for a few years but I figured with The Great Gatsby remake coming out this spring, it was now or never to take advantage of the amazing music, fashion and cocktails that this era provided!  We had a fantastic time but it was definitely a good reminder of what makes a good party; sometimes as a blogger things don’t feel *perfect* unless they’ve been captured on film (“photo or it didn’t happen”).  Well, about twenty minutes before this party started, I knocked over the champagne glass tower and broke four glasses.  I almost died!  The darn thing had been sitting there just fine all day and one bump from me while putting together the punch and game over.  The next ten minutes were spent washing glasses and picking up shards of glass.  Thankfully, some of our good friends had arrived early and before I knew it everything was back together.  But the party was starting.  And I only had time to take a few quick shots of our bar setup.  Having only minimal photos really made me sad but it honestly didn’t affect the party one iota.  And isn’t that really why we’re throwing a party to begin with?  To have a great party, not to have great photos?

So, forgive me for my lack of photos on what was a wonderful night :)

Speakeasy Party | This Nest is BestBar setup with American Punch and the mixes for Old Fashioned, Manhattans, Raspberry Rickeys and the French 75.  And a (much) shorter champagne tower.Speakeasy Party | This Nest is BestWooden tags painted with chalkboard paint became bottles signs.  That grenadine is from a local chef, the Starving Artist.Speakeasy Party | This Nest is BestSkeleton keys from Michael’s – my original intent was to send these out with invitations but the holidays got the better of me so I used some in decor.  Beverage dispensers from Macy’s – a wonderful Christmas gift!

Speakeasy Party | This Nest is BestBall jars coated with Martha Stewart’s metallic paints from Home Depot.  Speakeasy Party | This Nest is Best

Speakeasy Party | This Nest is Best

Speakeasy Party | This Nest is Best

Speakeasy Party | This Nest is Best

Speakeasy Party | This Nest is BestBeer growlers covered in kraft paper and adorned with a chalkboard tag.Speakeasy Party | This Nest is Best

Speakeasy Party | This Nest is Best

Speakeasy Party | This Nest is BestChalkboard backdrop for the photobooth that Mr. Lemon painted that morning!  It’s actually still there and I kind of love it.Speakeasy Party | This Nest is Best

Speakeasy Party | This Nest is BestI found this sign on Pinterest and SO wish I knew the source – if you do, please share!Speakeasy Party | This Nest is Best

Speakeasy Party | This Nest is BestOur guests’ 2013 resolutions…

Speakeasy Party | This Nest is Best“A little something to help you Speak Easier in the morning!”  Because who doesn’t love a Krispy Kreme or two?Speakeasy Party | This Nest is BestAll of the beautiful ladies at the party!

Check out more ideas on my Pinterest board!

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9 Responses to Speakeasy NYE Party

  1. Sarah says:

    Love this! I adore throwing ‘themed’ parties and this one turned out beautifully! Well done!

  2. Sandra says:

    Your photos are great and I really like the black and white ones.

  3. Sarah K says:

    The party was a ton of fun and the Krispy Kremes made a great snack to end an awesome night.

  4. Kimberly says:

    This party was epic. The American Punch was dangerously, dangerously good. Mrs. Lemon, you have a knack for putting together seriously tasty, seriously serious cocktails. The growlers were also a stroke of genius! It felt so much more in-theme than bottles would have, and it supports a local brewery, which is always a bonus. Why am I only talking about alcohol? The decor was perfect, everybody had a blast with the photo booth, the music was perfect (my favorite of the tracks you played that night: Parov Stelar’s Booty Swing). And of course, all’s well that ends with donuts. Thanks for having us. :)

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