Friday Favorites – 2013.03.08

Hey Occasional Readers!  I’m trying out a new feature to give a little re-cap and share what I’ve been loving on the web throughout the week.  This week has rather flown by but, as always, I’m still really looking forward to the weekend.  Mr. Lemon will be leaving for a business trip tomorrow (San Diego!  Not fair!) so I’ll be a bachelorette.  Which really means that I’ll eat Doritos for dinner and stay up too late watching Gossip Girl.  So yes…I’m still thirteen at heart.

The dining room upgrade is moving along, and we’ve purchased curtains and even some blinds…which I’m keeping my fingers very tightly crossed will fit (blasted non-standard window sizes!) because I don’t think custom blinds are in the mini-upgrade budget.  At all.  I’ve also picked up some paint samples (taste the rainbow!) so we can paint next weekend.  Baby steps.

And the Friday Favorites from this week…
Green + Gold Tablescape = St. Patrick’s Day 20/20 Tablescape Inspiration
Coral Runner + a Little DIY + Pillow Forms = Pier 1 is in my weekend plans
Pirates + Birthdays + Turning Three = So glad I met Sarah at the YHL signing
Extra Blueberries in the Freezer + I {heart} Breakfast = These are in my near future
Navy + Gold Sunburst Mirror + Sideboard = I want my dining room finished.  STAT.

Have a great weekend!

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