Crushworthy: Mirrors

Yes, with our dining room updates going on (an update this week, I promise!), I most definitely have decorating on the brain!  And one thing that I am loving are mirrors.  Our home definitely doesn’t have enough of them – aside from two bathroom mirrors and a door mirror in our entry way, we had zero up until a few months ago!  But since they can add so much light and interest to a room, I’ve been slowly figuring out how to add them in.

Crush #1 – A full length mirror is a must-have.  We recently purchased the Hemnes from Ikea to put in our bedroom and I really can’t believe I lived without one for so long.  I’m just hoping I didn’t wear any hideous outfit combinations when Mr. Lemon wasn’t there to stop me.

Crush #2 – A little bit retro, a lot bit amazing, the sunburst mirror is back in a big way.  Prices of these can be quite steep, so when I stumbled across Martha’s version at Home Depot for only $35, I was smitten.  (plus, it’s gold!)

Crush #3 – I absolutely love this mirror wall installation for a party!  Simply Sienna styled the party, featured on Spaceships and Laser Beams, for a boy’s christening, but I think it would be beautiful for a wedding or shower as well.

Crush #4 – Another accent mirror, this one from Joss & Main, is a bit more sleek than the sunburst, but just as eye catching!  This style could fit into a traditional or modern room, making it a great piece to add for the long haul.  (I’ve included a Joss & Main referral link for this item – their main website can be found here)

Crush #5 – Not that I would do an entire set of mirrored furniture, but I do admit to loving a mirrored piece or two.  Just a touch of Hollywood Regency – so much glam factor!  This nightstand from Pottery Barn fits the bill perfectly to add just a bit of fancy.

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1 Response to Crushworthy: Mirrors

  1. Kimberly says:

    Love the starburst mirror from Home Depot especially! But that wall of windows is stunning…

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