Inspired by…Mad Men Season 6 Bikini

Season 6 premiere for Mad Men is coming up this Sunday!  Last New Year’s Eve we threw a themed party to celebrate my 30th birthday – view that Mad Men party here.  And still, I haven’t been able to get enough of the clothes and decor from this show.  Oh, to be on the set!  Everything was gorgeous – iconic – when the show started in 1960 and now, as it slides into the 1970s I have some fear of the loud patterns and styles and how this will change the costumes and set.  But this leaked photo from Season 6 of Megan Draper in a bikini is such a fun inspiration photo for a party…let’s jump right in to the mod 70s, shall we?

For the inspiration, I went with a palette of purple, pink and yellow with a dash of the tropics thrown in.  We could all use a bit of sunshine and warmth right now!  The floral arrangement gets a tropical splash with the large leaf – just grab a hosta leaf from your garden.  Of course for any Mad Men party some cocktails are mandatory.  Add in some delicious food and settle in for the season premiere!

Mod Mad Men Party Inspiration | This Nest is BestDessert | Drink | Bacon Wrapped Pineapple | Bouquet | Straws | Invite



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2 Responses to Inspired by…Mad Men Season 6 Bikini

  1. Kimberly says:

    Lovely mood board and palette! That dessert seems so quintessentially late-mid-century to me. It reminds me of this frozen dessert my dad would make when I was little (which, ahem, was far later than the mid-century era). It was basically graham cracker crust, a tub of cool whip, and a box of jello mix. Too funny.

  2. Typical 60′s party fare was all about finger food which is perfect for me. Not that I am horrible at cooking, but I think everyone will end up happier if I don’t. Here’s a small sampling I’ve compiled of the finger foods (well, one is salad) that I thought looked delicious.

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