Friday Favorites – 2013.04.05

My four-year-old niece visited us this week and, in case you missed it on Facebook, declared that we lived in Grand Rabbits, Michigan.  Adorable times one thousand.

I’ve been a bad blogger and have failed to adequately update you on our dining room progress, but above is another little sneak peek.  Patience, grasshopper. A real post next week, I promise.

Mr. Lemon’s youngest brother (there are four boys in his family) will be visiting this weekend and I’ve signed myself up for a marathon of sports watching – final four basketball Saturday evening and Red Wings hockey on Sunday (it has just occurred to me that we should have gotten tickets to the game).  I’m geeked to watch the hockey game, not gonna lie.  Although the boys in red need to get it together so we don’t miss out of the playoffs.  Right now you’re all “whoa, Rebecca…you follow hockey?!”  Absolutely.  Much to the annoyance of my father and brothers, who couldn’t get me to watch sports on TV for anything, Mr. Lemon was able to fully addict me to Red Wings hockey.  Husbands will do that to a gal.

And here are the Friday favorites…
Gradients + blues = My love of maps is not disappearing
Carnival + barn = Beautiful rehearsal dinner
Emerald + chevron = Dining room art?
Design + books = My Wishlist is growing
Casual + chic + birthday dinner = I want to go to there.

(huh…30 Rock quotes two weeks in a row!)

Enjoy the weekend!

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