Friday Favorites – 2013.04.19

Photo from GRnow – this is the bridge Mr. Lemon and I were married on five and a half years ago.  I stood under those trees waiting to walk up to the ceremony.

Mr. Lemon has been to Cleveland and Colorado in the past two weeks, leaving me to sooth our cat who is terrified of thunderstorms.  And we’ve been getting a lot of them.  The Grand River is nearing 100 year high levels and areas all around it are flooding.  Mr. Lemon and I are extremely fortunate that whoever built our house sealed up our basement amazingly well.  We have yet (knock on wood) to get any water down there.  The river is expected to top off on Sunday, so keep my little city in your thoughts.  And of course, keep the cities of West, Texas and Boston there as well.  So much tragedy and heartache this week.  

And here are the Friday Favorites…

brie + blueberries = national grilled cheese day.  for realz.
neon + scissor sisters = a kiki launch party
littles + amazing photographers = stunning children’s photography
5 ingredients + michigan blogger = the most beautiful carrots i’ve ever seen
notes + birthdays = and that’s why you always leave a note


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1 Response to Friday Favorites – 2013.04.19

  1. Anne says:

    Oh hey! I’m in Grand Rapids too! Things have been crazy around here lately…SO MUCH WATER.

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