Friday Favorites – 2013.05.24

I have *so* been looking forward to this long weekend.  We’ve had several busy weekends and have several more coming up in June, so for our sanity we decided we needed to stay home this weekend.  Which honestly ended up being a really good thing because I have a cold that will.not.go.away.  I woke up last Sunday with a sore throat that is just insisting on sticking around for the holiday.  Nards.  We were really hoping to host a casual grill out on Monday and I really don’t think it’s going to happen.  *sigh*  Hopefully your holiday is healthier than mine, occasional readers!

And here are the Friday Favorites…

playoffs + my boyfriend with the “c” (mr. lemon is aware) = LGRW
unofficial start of summer + trying to eat real food = definitely trying some of these
gold + pops of color = perfect little bar cart (so scared of styling my bar so loading up on inspiration is key)
colors of the rainbow + great prices = i want this cardi in all of the colors
thai peanut + salad = can someone make this for me?  please?


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