Floral Cottage Bridal Shower

Last week I posted the mood board for the floral cottage bridal shower but today I’m sharing the photos from the actual event!  The bridal shower was held for my younger brother’s bride-to-be, Eden.  They will be getting married this coming Saturday and Mr. Lemon and I are thrilled for both of them.  So it definitely called for a celebration!  As I stated in the previous post, the general theme of the event was a romantic, floral, cottage vibe with homemade accents.  

Floral Cottage Bridal Shower | This Nest is Best

Floral Cottage Bridal Shower | This Nest is Best

Floral Cottage Bridal Shower | This Nest is Best

Floral Cottage Bridal Shower | This Nest is Best

Floral Cottage Bridal Shower | This Nest is Best

Floral Cottage Bridal Shower | This Nest is Best

Floral Cottage Bridal Shower | This Nest is Best

Centerpieces were created with flower filled painted mason jars, a burlap mini-runner, burlap wrapped votives, and a yarn wrapped jar with a yarn ball.  Tulips were chosen specifically because of family significance for the bride-to-be and I loved how the bright red popped against the white!  Goodness knows I’m not a floral designer so simple arrangements are best for me to tackle – I max out with three types of flowers.  I also really love how yarns give off a homey, cozy vibe and are an easy way to add a specific color to party decor.

We also decided to set each place for two reasons – first, I think it makes the tables look prettier and second, you have to leave sooo much room to set up 30 mason jars on the drink table.  My mom came up with a cute way to fold the napkins that created a little pocket for the fork and knife and even showed the red stripes – I loved it!  The napkins were my most recent addition to my going green for entertaining initiative.  So now I have 49 (one got stained) reusable napkins for events!

For a gift table backdrop, I recreated She Paperie’s LOVE letters.  I very rarely remake someone else’s idea without changing it into my own creation, but I just love, love, loved how she put the paper mache letters together and ended up doing nearly the exact same thing (although her’s still looks better than mine so please check it out!).  The “L” was painted then covered in flowers from a floral vine that was completely deconstructed.  The “O” was simply covered in newsprint attached with Mod Podge.  The “V” was wrapped in mustard yellow yarn and the “E” was wrapped with strips of three shades of burlap tied and glued on.  Everything for this project, including the letters, was purchased at JoAnn’s!

For lunch, we kept things simple and delicious with a garden salad, cranberry spinach salad, pasta salad, sandwiches, mini bags of chips and chocolate cupcakes.  I tend to lean towards more simple spreads when entertaining but I find that as long as the food is good and plentiful, no one has any complaints!  I filled my beloved drink dispensers with two types of flavored water – blueberry/lemon and strawberry/lemon.  I really loved how they tasted – very light and refreshing – and will definitely be making them again.

One more post with the printables from the party!

Napkins – Ikea’s Tekla Dish Towel
All LOVE Letter Materials – JoAnn’s
Drink Dispensers – Macy’s

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  1. That shower looks so adorable! I love the burlap!

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