Friday Favorites – 2013.07.05

Well, I guess I’m a terrible summer blogger :)  I think this happened last year as well.  I have so many lovely things to share and instead of blogging I just want to use my extra time enjoying being outside, reading and…canning :)  I’ll promise try to be better this month!  Since I last posted, we had a fantastic weekend in my hometown with two of our good friends where I acted like a tourist (so rare and yet so lovely!) – we walked out to one of the lighthouses (four miles roundtrip), popped into all of the antique stores (where I had ridiculously good luck…must share soon!), and drank cocktails under the stars.

And just last weekend we picked out a new buffet dresser for the dining room.  It’s getting painted (by a professional…I didn’t even ask Mr. Lemon if he might do it this time) and I’m insanely excited to see it finished and in the house!

strawberries + cream = amaaazing summer pie that i’ve made twice in the past week
flamingos + party = so sad i missed out on the ikea glasses
minis + brunch = a great idea for a buffet
simple backdrop + colorful subjects = surprisingly beautiful snapshots
extra seating on the wall + aqua = studio i’m crushing on
lovely food + beautiful packaging = a picnic i’d like to be invited to!


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2 Responses to Friday Favorites – 2013.07.05

  1. Sarah says:

    I can’t get my act together when it comes to blogging in the summer either! Don’t feel bad- enjoy yourself!

  2. zandi says:

    aww, thank you!!

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