Friday Favorites – 2013.07.19

Wedding Tablescape - This Nest is Bestphoto by Kelly Purkey / menu by This Nest is Best

The past two weeks have been busy and wonderful.  The summer intention list is going strong, we’ve been to two weddings, three picnic concerts, and Mr. Lemon managed to make it to the beach.  This weekend we’re headed to a pasta making class (so excited!) and hoping to spend some time poolside.  On the home front, our dining room buffet has arrived and I’m in serious love.  Head over heels.  Hoping to have a backyard movie night party (Bueller?  Bueller?) in August so I’m very much looking forward to planning that!

dining room + office = a combo room that i adore
simple + happiness = lovely little reminder
bacon + potatoes + dijon = yes.  and yes again for seconds.
more bacon + more dijon + salmon = even more seconds
lemon + bars = ironically, mr. lemon doesn’t actually like lemon things.  so i’ll have to eat all of these.  dang it.


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