About Me

I’m Rebecca.

I’ve thoroughly hopped on the entertaining band wagon and now see inspiration for party themes in everything – movies, clothes, jewelry, and even hockey games.

I share my home with three cats and my husband, Mr. Lemon.  Don’t call me a crazy cat lady.  It may be true, but it’s not nice to call people crazy.  At least not to their face.

I’ve recently convinced my husband that he should re-marry me every five years.  Not just because I love him, but also so I have an excuse to throw a big party.

That’s a bit about me.  But what you should really know is that I’d love to get to know YOU and would love to help you host an event, be it a birthday party, shower, or wedding.  Take a look around the blog and please contact me if you’d like to throw an event with This Nest is Best!