Friday Favorites – 2013.07.19

Wedding Tablescape - This Nest is Bestphoto by Kelly Purkey / menu by This Nest is Best

The past two weeks have been busy and wonderful.  The summer intention list is going strong, we’ve been to two weddings, three picnic concerts, and Mr. Lemon managed to make it to the beach.  This weekend we’re headed to a pasta making class (so excited!) and hoping to spend some time poolside.  On the home front, our dining room buffet has arrived and I’m in serious love.  Head over heels.  Hoping to have a backyard movie night party (Bueller?  Bueller?) in August so I’m very much looking forward to planning that!

dining room + office = a combo room that i adore
simple + happiness = lovely little reminder
bacon + potatoes + dijon = yes.  and yes again for seconds.
more bacon + more dijon + salmon = even more seconds
lemon + bars = ironically, mr. lemon doesn’t actually like lemon things.  so i’ll have to eat all of these.  dang it.


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Friday Favorites – 2013.07.05

Well, I guess I’m a terrible summer blogger :)  I think this happened last year as well.  I have so many lovely things to share and instead of blogging I just want to use my extra time enjoying being outside, reading and…canning :)  I’ll promise try to be better this month!  Since I last posted, we had a fantastic weekend in my hometown with two of our good friends where I acted like a tourist (so rare and yet so lovely!) – we walked out to one of the lighthouses (four miles roundtrip), popped into all of the antique stores (where I had ridiculously good luck…must share soon!), and drank cocktails under the stars.

And just last weekend we picked out a new buffet dresser for the dining room.  It’s getting painted (by a professional…I didn’t even ask Mr. Lemon if he might do it this time) and I’m insanely excited to see it finished and in the house!

strawberries + cream = amaaazing summer pie that i’ve made twice in the past week
flamingos + party = so sad i missed out on the ikea glasses
minis + brunch = a great idea for a buffet
simple backdrop + colorful subjects = surprisingly beautiful snapshots
extra seating on the wall + aqua = studio i’m crushing on
lovely food + beautiful packaging = a picnic i’d like to be invited to!


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Friday Favorites – 2013.06.21

Yikes.  What a week.  If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know that last Friday my laptop’s keyboard decided to stop working.  You know, no big deal.  Except it was a huge deal because I wasn’t just Pinteresting around that day; I was working on wedding invitations that needed to be sent in to the printer.  So, Mr. Lemon (my hero) ran home on his lunch hour to help me save the invites.  The laptop’s saving is a bit more involved and we’re hoping that it’ll hang on a bit longer.  Then I got a new (free!) phone on Monday.  And we’ve had to replace our dishwasher.  Basically, I’m slightly freaking out over all of the changes.  I’m someone who likes things the way they are :)  But definitely let me say that it is a blessing to be able to have these things in the first place.

Wednesday I had a dentist appointment to get a filling.  So in an effort to cheer myself up beforehand, I drove to a town about 45 minutes away to check on a bar cart I’d seen on Craigslist.  The woman keeps her items at an antiques mall, but I’d emailed her on Tuesday so it seemed like a safe bet to make the trek.  After scouring the place for an hour with no luck, a phone call to the woman and talking with several sales associates, it was finally realized that the bar cart had already been sold.  Five days ago.  Huge bummer.  But, as my consolation prize purchase, I picked up a set of bronze nickel flatware for $15 (photo above).  I’m in *love*.  So at least the journey wasn’t completely fruitless.

raspberries + peaches + alcohol = these look beautiful and delicious
preparation + spontaneous beach trips = sign me up
kraft + neon = a party I’m hoping to throw
vintage + bar cart accessories = heaven
google reader replacement? = me thinks yes


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