West Michigan Woman.com Post – Bar Carts

Check out my post on West Michigan Woman.com for my crush on bar carts!


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2013 Summer Intentions

2013 Summer Intentions | This Nest is Best

I see seasonal bucket lists over on Pinterest from time to time and even though I love the idea, I’ve yet to partake.  But seeing one on Kelly’s blog made me decide that the time was right to finally put one together.  The seasons go by so quickly and making a list helps me prioritize the items that I really want to make happen.

1. Outdoor picnic concerts (as many as possible)
2. Attend my best friend’s beach wedding (KP and I have a mutual BFF!)
3. Jersey Junction
4. Holland Beach Fridays
5. Go estate sale-ing
6. Bonfires
7. Host a backyard movie night
8. Ride our bikes to the farmer’s market
9. Watch a meteor shower
10. Introduce cocktail hour to the Lemon House
11. Grill out (more)
12. Eat al fresco.  Like every day.

Have you come up with a summer bucket list?

Linking up with Alie Edwards

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Friday Favorites – 2013.06.07

Last weekend was a beautiful one for our family.  Mr. Lemon’s little brother graduated from High School.  My little brother got married (that’s a picture of their reception decor above – flowers from Posh Petals).  Our good friends brought their baby girl over to our house for the first time.  She was simultaneously terrified and enamored with one of our cats and it was adorable.  Another good friend who has been living abroad for several years will be here in the mitten for most of the summer.  I’m working on a wedding.

So yeah, things are going pretty swimmingly right now, if I do say so myself :)  Hope everyone else is doing well, too!

And here are the Friday Favorites…

colorful decor + diy = a beautiful party
geometric ball + spray paint = i think i should make one for the dining room.  in gold.
amazing colors + waterfall = i might be willing to camp for this
buttery leather + guests = a beautiful documentation of life
cheese + balsamic + tomatoes = do i link to something on her blog every week?  perhaps.


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