Crushworthy: Styled Bars

One home decor feature that has been floating around a lot lately is the styled bar cart.  Probably a page taken from the 1960s Mad Men era but no matter where it came from, I’m very much in favor.  As our dining room progresses, I’ve been working on styling our own bar…my first attempt left Mr. Lemon telling me it looked like, well…a bar.  But apparently not in the good way!  I’ve noticed a lot of similarities in the bars that I pin – they’re typically colorful, have gold details, and contain some whimsical elements.  Still, I still tried to bring a little variety here!

Crushworthy Bar Carts | This Nest is Best

Crush #1 – This beautiful bar from Style Me Pretty Living is so soft and girly – just look at those heels on the bottom shelf!  This bar also sports a popular element of the styled bars I’ve seen around – the gold shaker and glasses set that was available at Target over the holidays.  [shown here with the tray I picked up when the prices were drastically slashed]  In person, I didn’t fall in love with the shaker and glasses set, but my heavens do they photograph beautifully!

Crush #2 – This bar is all about cheeky touches, color and some truly vintage elements.  Shown on Style by Emily Henderson, this cart definitely shows how you can incorporate a lot of bright colors and it can work.  Plus, check out that lamp!  Whaaaat the what.  Serious style there.  This cart makes me want to scour flea markets to find an amazing vintage rocks set.  Although you won’t believe some of the things I’ve already found!

Crush #3 – This smaller cart just kills me with cuteness.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic in the corner of a bedroom?  So swank for a nightcap.  And again you can see my obsession with the colors, touches of gold (those glasses!)…and there’s that darned Target shaker again!  The Every Girl featured this one and I truly find it adorable.

#4 – This bar isn’t housed on a cart but instead on a tray table.  House of Earnest repainted it a bright yellow and outfitted with a few cocktail staples and a stunning bouquet.  This bar is more how I might style a bar for a get together with the girls and not necessarily an everyday bar (clearly…there’s ice in that bucket and juice sitting out!).  But I think it’s simple, clean and lovely.

#5 – Okay, this bar cart from The Life Styled might truly be the death of me.  That cart is to.die.for.  The the girl deserves it because she went above and beyond to bring that baby back to life.  The wheels.  The brass.  The bottle holders.  squee!  Not too mention the cute touches she added – those vintage glasses are sublime and peeps…she put a skull on it.  Well played my friend, well played.

#6 – I’m wrapping with a bar that is so different from most of my loves (even though, yes, it still includes gold!).  Featured again on The Every Girl, this bar has a more casual, industrial vibe and I think it would be beautiful in a loft-style home.  Did you see those flamingo glasses?!  I die.

Any styled bars happening in your homes?

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Friday Favorites – 2013.05.31

Today is apparently National Macaron Day…which makes we want to be in Paris.  I guess I will have to make do with gorgeous photos of macarons, like the one above from Just Get Off Your Butt and Bake (for the record, I will be staying on my butt and not baking macarons…right now they scare the bejeezus out of me…but maybe someday).

But even though I’m not in Paris (*sigh*), this weekend is a very exciting one!  Mr. Lemon’s youngest brother is graduating from High School and my youngest brother is getting married.  It’s a very “happy for brothers” weekend around here :)  So very thrilled for both of them as they get ready to start a new chapter in their lives.  And thrilled that we get to be alongside them to celebrate.  Any celebrations for your weekend?

And here are the Friday Favorites!

blues + glitters = a fanciful little barscape
calendar + stamp = i think i would use this all over the place. obsessively.
donuts + party = you had me a donuts
beer + cheese …and also this= a new food blog i’m crushing on
drugs + rock and roll + late nights + booty calls = shiny disco ball {decor}

$1000 + giveaway = don’t forget to enter


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